The Slomo Guys have posted another video, this one is an experiment with a 30 year old pair of safety goggles, a B.B. Gun, pigs eyes, a melon, and an unexpected SURPRISE!

Of course the guys are known for their slow motion videos, but they do some pretty interesting projects in the process of getting their footage. This time they wanted to see if a pair of safety goggles would stop a B.B. from entering a pig'e eye. They did not. Granted the goggles were 30 years old and they were shooting from point blank range, but no. Just like the movie says, "You'll shoot your eye out kid."

They couldn't get any good video, so the guys decided to use what Brits call a "banger". In America we would call it a firecracker. However, this particular "banger" was a lot more powerful than anyone expected. It doesn't bang... it BOOMS and the result is AWESOME!