Did you watch the recently completed NBA Finals featuring a first in the four major American team sports: two teams (the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder). Have you ever wondered  how franchises come up with names to call their favorite teams?It seems as though more and more new teams are disbanding the traditional type names in favor of something catchy, cool and hip.

For example:   (the Thunder and Heat, Minnesota Wild, Charlotte Bobcats, Tampa Bay Lightning, Columbus Blue Jackets) all come to mind. I remember when we had the hockey team here, they were named the Texarkana Bandits. I Always wondered where that name came from, was it based on the movie Smokey and the Bandit which featured Texarkana in the movie?

Whether the Utah Jazz finally decide to choose a name more fitting of their geographical location, or the NFL grants Los Angeles an expansion team, the next pro sports team name will be needed sooner than later. Maybe it will be traditional, in the vein of Tigers, or maybe it will be cutting edge, like the Wild. Who knows?  Tell us what team name you favor.