As we head into this weekend let us not forget about those Americans who lost their lives September,11th 2001 a day in America we will never forget. I remember coming to work that morning and seeing all my co-workers standing in front of the television and wondered what was happening. As I continued to watch I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

At first, I thought like many that a passenger jet accidentally slammed into one of the twin towers in the heart of New York City. But as I continued to watch, it was apparent this was no accident this was a terrorist attack on our country. I was shocked and in disbelief that this was happening right in our own backyard. I must say I had a hollow sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and was very saddened to see all that was transpiring right before my very eyes. When the first tower fell and I saw all those people running for their lives it was almost to hard to bear. Being a professional broadcaster I knew I had to gather up my composure in order to report what was happening that fateful day September 11, 2001.

America survived that dark day in American history and as a nation we are stronger and more united than ever before. So this weekend as you recall your own memories of what you felt that day, do something a little special, fly your American flag in honor of those fellow Americans and be proud  to be an American. This Sunday marks the 10th Anniversary of 911 and as a nation we will NEVER forget.

Alan Jackson's song said it all: Where Were You (When The World Stop Turning)


Darryl Worley also had a great song "Have You Forgotten" courtesy of youtube/Vevo