Many of you know this is my hometown, this is where I grew up and first got my start in radio. Back in those days AM radio ruled the airwaves.

There was KTFS, KCMC, KATQ, and 790 KOSY which is still around and in the building I currently work in now. The station that is KICKER 102.5 now( back then) was nothing but elevator music that you had to program on a nightly basis. Later down the road it became a station named Y-102 FM.

A good buddy of mine who I had worked with at that time and continues his radio career today sent me an air-check he recorded back in 1980.  Unfortunately, I am not on this particular air-check but I thought it was amazing how some of the businesses that were on it are no longer around. I hope you enjoy this little bit of Texarkana History on the airwaves as much as I did.

(Courtesy of: Pat O')