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Scam Alert: “Mandatory” COVID-19 Test Texts are a Scam
Please be aware that there are scams out there during our fight with COVID-19. As if this virus wasn't evil enough there are people out there that are ready to trick and take advantage of people. The BBB Scam Tracker ( has received numerous reports of phony text messages cla…
COVID-19 Online Screening Tool From Apple And The CDC
COVID-19 has just about everyone a little on edge. We are trying out best to practice Social Distanticing staying at least 6 feet away from everyone and keeping our activities out of the house to a minimum. Apple and the CDC have teamed up for a COVID-19 Symptoms Checker.
TISD Grab-And-Go Meals Begin Today
Beginning today, March 30, the TISD Grab-And-Go Meal pick-up times will be daily Monday – Friday from 10:00 a.m. – Noon at the following locations:
Can Your Shoes Spread Coronavirus?
At our house taking off your shoes the minute, you come inside is just something we did as kids. My mother is Japanese and it is tradition to take off your shoes at the door so we followed that practice.

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