There definitely develops a bond between a law enforcement officer and his K-9 partner.

That bond surely existed between former Texarkana, Texas Police officer Jason Green and K-9 Bery.

Bery, who was retired in 2013 due to a medical condition, recently passed away. Officer Green talks about the bond between Bery and his family during his time of service and later as a family pet. Officer Green allowed us to post what he put on his Facebook page after the passing of his K-Nine friend and partner.

"Unfortunately, my old K-9 Partner Bery, (AKA Big Fuzzy), passed away yesterday. Bery and I hit the streets of Texarkana as a new K-9 team in December of 2006. Bery worked hard over the years, from apprehending violent criminals to finding loads of dope. Bery later developed some medical problems that caused him a lot of pain which resulted in the decision to retire Bery in 2014. He had done his job well and it was time for him to relax and enjoy a dog’s life. I was assigned... a new K-9 and would not allow Bery to watch me load another K-9 into HIS car to go to work every day. Thankfully, Cory Caudle took him in at his home."

"In January of 2015, I left TTPD for a career with DPS, which in turn allowed Bery to return back home to my family. Due to my work schedule my son, Caden, took up the role of making sure Bery was fed and watered daily. Caden took to Bery and referred to him as “his dog.” They had a strong bond that started when Caden was two. One morning, I was still in bed asleep due to working the night before and my wife, Amy, had been doing laundry and suddenly realized that Caden was not around. Being as young as he was, he was always into something and on the move. Amy searched the entire house and then outside to find that Caden had somehow managed to let Bery out of his kennel but Bery and Caden were nowhere to be found."

"Any of you guys and gals that had worked with Bery, knew how protective he was of his car. Well, the only other place the two of them could be was in the patrol car. You can all imagine the scary thoughts of Amy having to open the doors of the car to see what could have been very devastating. As Amy opened the door of the car, Caden and Bery were sitting side by side each other as happy as could be. Caden was the only person that I have ever known that was able to get in to the back of the car with Bery without being chewed into pieces. Bery was a smart dog that had bitten several criminals by then, but had no intentions of hurting Caden."

"I could tell many more stories of all the memories I have with Bery. He was a great K-9 that did a lot of great work. RIP Big Fuzzy…You will be missed."

According to records of the Texarkana, Texas Police Department, there were numerous occasions that Green and his partner excelled in their duties including the following.

Bery placed 9th in national narcotics detection one year. On one occasion, he located a capital murder suspect in a tree.  He subdued a suspect trying to get a gun while his handler and another officer were chasing the man on foot.

Officer Jason Green ,was named TTPD’s Officer of the Year for 2007.  The citation stated that Officer Green and Bery excelled during their first full year of working together.  They were responsible for tracking and locating a residential burglary suspect, a hit and run suspect, and a stolen vehicle suspect.
Bery had also tracked three burglary suspects from a business that had been broken into to a residence where three suspects were arrested.  He was also responsible for recovering over eight kilograms of cocaine and 60 pounds of marijuana on Interstate 30.  This was all accomplished during their first year together, when most new teams like this are still trying to learn to work together.
There was an commendation letter from 2008 where a business had been burglarized.  Another officer stopped a man walking several blocks away who had glass in the soles of his shoes.  Officer Green and Bery started a track from the business that had been broken into and Bery led Officer Green straight to the door of the police car in which the man was sitting.  He was arrested for burglary.
A big thank you to Officer Green and his K-9 partner for their years of service to the city and citizens of Texarkana, Texas. We appreciate both of you.