Practice, practice, practice, it's the same old adage that comes back around every time you hear someone amazing play an instrument, or kick a ball, or solve impossible equations. How can they be that good? Practice.

Every year, the Texarkana Youth Symphony Orchestra (TYSO) conducts tryouts for the TYSO Concert Master. The tryouts consist of students playing for the conductor, Mr. Steve Bennett. Mr. Bennett also conducts the Texarkana Independent School District’s Orchestra. Each student plays his or her instrument and is ranked by the conductor according to their ability.

This year, congratulations are in order for Arkansas High School freshman Ethan Miller. Ethan has been selected as the Concert Master. As the Texarkana Youth Symphony Orchestra Concert Master, Ethan will lead the TYSO practices and performance. The first concert has been set for December 8th at the Perot Theater.

TYSO Tryouts

Ethan has taken private lessons since he was four years old.

“Ethan receiving Concert Master is a huge thank you to Ms. Finley and the Texarkana Arkansas School District for creating and focusing on the strings department,” commented Ethan’s mother Kim Miller.

Congratulations again Ethan, we're looking forward to you and everyone else in the TYSO this year


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