It's actually been a little over a month now that my wife and I have been enjoying our new iComfort Sleep System by Serta that we got from America's Mattress. Are you ready for the update?

It's wonderful! Seriously, it's the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned and I'm pretty sure the best I've ever slept on. I had an opportunity recently to sleep on a nice hotel bed, I won't give the hotel a plug or anything, but having really nice beds is one of the things they actually use in their advertising for this hotel chain. Yes, it was nice, in fact, if I still had my old mattress, then it would have been hands down much better than that one. But the fact is the mattress I have in my home now is far superior to that upscale hotel bed.

My mom has one of those "sleep number" system mattresses and while I can get pretty comfortable on it, it still doesn't come close to the great night's sleep I'm getting on my iComfort Sleep System mattress and adjustable frame from America's Mattress.

I still go to bed too late, I don't get enough sleep but that's a whole other set of issues. The main thing is the sleep I am getting now is the best I've had in my adult life.

No kidding.

If you have back issues, if you snore too much, pressure point problems, if you like to sit up and read or watch TV in bed but can never get the pillows just right, you need to check out the iComfort Sleep System from Serta, proudly made in Texas, by Texans.

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