Sometimes the secret to spelling a word correctly lies in the way you pronounce it.

I remember the day well. It was fifth grade and I was on stage with the entire elementary school staring back at me. My word was 'characteristic.' I knew this one. It's an easy one, so I start to spell. 'C-h-a-r-a-c-t-e-r-i-s-t-i-c-s.' I smiled big, but it was short-lived as I was sent back to my seat in the audience. It was then that my teacher informed me that I had nailed the spelling, but had made the word plural.

Details. Always remember the details.

I think of that moment every year that the Scripps National Spelling Bee comes on television. I watch in awe as these kids spell words that I have never heard before and will never hear come out of my mouth in a proper sentence. As this national event begins today, Google Trends has gotten into the spirit and shared with us the most commonly misspelled words in each state. I'd say 'misspelled' is a common one, but it's not on the list.

For Arkansas, that word is 'chihuahua.'

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