The annual Fouke Monster Festival is set for Saturday, August 1, at the Arkansas Convention Center - Holiday Inn. The event which typically is held in June was recently rescheduled for August due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Event organizers are hoping they will be able to still have the event using the state's latest health guidelines and protocols in place. The event begins at 9AM and runs until 8PM.

Hosted by Texas Bigfoot Research Center, Craig Woolheater, the event fundraiser will benefit the Fouke School District where one Fouke senior will receive a scholarship.

There will be something for everyone including Bigfoot presentations, tours, movie actors, track casting, and lots of guest speakers.


Lyle Blackburn - Beast of Boggy Creek
Ken Gerhard - Texas Monster Hunter
David Weatherly - Wood Knocks series
Jerry Hestand - Hunting Apes in America

Special guest:
Jay “Smokey” Crabtree - son of Smokey Crabtree

Tickets for the Fouke Monster Festival are $32.28 - $41.94 and can be purchased at Event Bright.

Sightings of some type of hairy-like creature were first reported in May of 1971, according to their website. The following year in 1972 "The Legend of Boggy Creek" was released in theaters nationwide and featured many local folks recounting their experiences of seeing this creature up close.
 The movie went on to become a cult classic all around the world and still remains a hot topic for Bigfoot enthusiasts and fans everywhere. Newly researched sightings continue today across other parts of Arkansas as well.
As a teen, I can remember hearing about the Fouke Monster on the radio and even started hearing of several sightings in the Texarkana area. I can't help but think something or someone is still out there lurking in the shadows.
For more information and updates, please visit their Facebook page.


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