Ten area schools have produced public service announcements promoting traffic safety among their peers and will compete against each other Wednesday Feb. 27, in Jefferson.

The event is being sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) as a way the students can garner funds for their own project celebration that provide safe, alcohol-and-drug-free events for students following prom or graduation.

Winners for the events will receive $1500 for first place, $1250 for second place, $1000 for third place and all participants are guaranteed $700 for just participating. The funding is paid out as reimbursement for costs incurred by the school sponsors of the project celebration events.

Schools participating in this year’s PSA competition are: Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Diana, Jefferson, Maud, Mount Pleasant, New Boston, Paul Pewitt, Queen City and Redwater. Other schools can also receive funds for have traffic safety educational programs at their schools.

For more information, contact: Irene Webster, TxDOT Traffic Safety Specialist at 903-799-1221 or Irene.webster@txdot.gov.

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