The 107-foot-wide "PigScreen" at Donald W. Reynolds Stadium (once the largest in the world), is being replaced.

Crews began work earlier in the week to replace the old screen, which has been in place since the University of Arkansas upgraded the stadium in 2001.

The new high-definition screen will measure 38-feet high and and 167-feet wide. While it won't be the largest in the world, it will still be wider than "GodzillaTron" at Darrell K Royal Stadium in Austin (137-feet wide) and the massive Jumbotron that hangs in Cowboys Stadium (160-feet wide). The new screen will be the 3rd largest in the country and the largest in the SEC.

I love Jumbotrons. I love the video they play before the team runs out on the field and the clip they show just before kickoff showing the animated Hogs running out on the field and crushing the opponent's helmet. It definitely adds to the atmosphere. However, as one who remembers what it was like going to games before 2001 at Razorback Stadium, it can be very distracting during the game and I miss singing along with the band during time outs.


All in all though, I'm excited about the new and improved PigScreen. When Arkansas hosted Georgia in 2004, my 3-year-old son made his first appearance on it. During a time out, he tugged on my shirt and said "Look Daddy, I'm on TV!!"

Plus it's kind of cool to brag about having one of the biggest stadium screens in the country. Take that Bama!!