Lots of hot dogs will be on the grill this weekend, but which one reigns supreme in the state of Arkansas?

Each year, my girlfriends and I throw a hot dog party. It's a pool party with tons of food and, you guessed it, hot dogs on the grill. They're a staple of summer cookouts. Now, maybe you think you don't like hot dogs, but I would be willing to bet that you just haven't had the right kind of hot dog.

There are countless ways to make, cook and serve up a good dog.

In fact, People Magazine set out to find the best hot dogs across the nation. They found what they believe is the best dog in every single state. With different meats in the actual dog, a variety of buns and numerous toppings, this is sure to spark a culinary pilgrimage.

For the state of Arkansas, it's The Original Scoop Dog in Little Rock. This joint offers hot dogs inspired by cities across the nation. The best, according to People Mag, is the Kansas City Dog with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. They also recommend to finish things off with a frozen custard. Twist my arm, why don't you?

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