As Arkansas schools get ready to go back to school in the coming weeks, Ashdown Public Schools have announced their 2020-2021 School Supply List by grades and teacher.

Ashdown Elementary Kindergarten:

Fabric Pencil Bag, Coloring Book, KinderMat, Backpack First Grade: Fabric Pencil Bag, Coloring Book, Backpack Second Grade: Fabric Pencil Bag, Coloring Book, Backpack

Third - Fifth Grades: Pencil case and Backpack

Ashdown Junior High School (4) 3 Ring Binders (4) Composition Notebooks Paper Pens/Pencils Earbuds Masks (The district will provide one washable mask)

Ashdown High School School Supplies By Teacher/Subject

Simmons – Biology 2 Composition notebooks 1 - 2 inch 3 ring binder with lined paper Pencil and black/blue pen Chromebook Compatible Earbuds

Adekunle – Math Pencils Composition Book Binder/Folder TI – 84 Calculator (optional) Kleenex

Ardwin – Social Studies/History Earbuds – (Chromebook compatible) Paper, Pencil, blue or black Pen (Daily) Left in the room: 1 Highlighter – any color 1 Box of Kleenex (any brand)

Burden – 9th Grade Math Notebook paper Pencils 3 ring binder (can be used for other classes)

Dickson Pencils Paper Earphones /Earbuds Kleenex

Hopkins – 11th Grade English 3 X 5 lined index cards (white) Lined notebook paper Black pens Pencils

Pelotte – Health Pencils Kleenex

Rowe – English Lined Notebook paper Black pens Pencils Kleenex

Pierce – Sallade Pencils, Paper, Binder

Ringgold – Math Plenty of Paper 3 ring binder Pencils and erasers Graph paper (optional)

Ringgold – Computer Science Earbuds/headphones Spiral notebook or paper binder Pens & /or Pencils

Rice – Chemistry 1 Notebook 1 Pocket folder to be left in room Loose Paper Pencils 1 Pack Colored Pencils Box of Tissue Box of Ziplock baggies Paper Towels

Hillis – Drama Kleenex

Snead – Television Pencils Earbuds Tissue

Silva – Health Science Classes Earbuds Folder with brads and pockets Paper, black ink pen, pencil

Parks – Physical Science Graph Paper Composition Notebook College Ruled Spiral Notebook Pocket Folder Ink Pens (Blue or Black) Pencils Facial Tissue

McElroy – CBA Earbuds Facial Tissue

For the school calendar, and a complete look of everything needed, along with the latest COVID-19 restrictions, guidelines, and protocols for the 20-21 school season, please click here.

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