Coaches give a lot of reasons for losing ball games. Their opponents won the battle at the line of scrimmage. Their team didn't take advantage of opportunities. But, the reason Coach Broyles says the Hogs lost to Texas in 1969 might surprise you.

It also might shed some light on why the Hogs always seem to come up juuuust short. (Clint Stoerner's fumble, Reggie Fishin' it in Atlanta, Grovey's safety in Miami.. the list goes on and on.)

I stumbled upon this little tidbit while reading an article on Sports Illustrated about the drama that always seems to surround the Razorback football program. I'd never heard this before, but now it all makes sense!

According to the article, Arkansas' loss to Texas in the "Great Shoot Out" in 1969 can be blamed on Broyles dog, Lady. Since that game, the Hogs have always seemed to come out on the short end of the stick. So close, yet so far away.

Apparently, the Reverend Billy Graham had brunch at the Broyles house the morning of the big game and their, usually gentle, german shepherd  nipped Graham's 11 year old son. George Schroeder, the writer of the article quotes Broyles as saying "that's why we lost".


It all makes sense now. The Razorback program is plagued by the "Curse of the German Shepherd". I read somewhere that a group of Cubs fans has tried to "reverse the curse (of the goat)" by giving goats to poor people in 3rd world countries. Maybe Hog fans can try giving German Shepherd's to the blind?

Sigh. I guess that would be funny to people NOT from the state of Arkansas. To us, we know all too well the disappointments that come with being a Razorback fan. Always a day late, dollar short..