Your socializing just got better with a cup a beer - not just any beer but Budweiser. If you haven't heard, makers of Budweiser have taken the social network to a new level. Their latest innovation is called the Buddy Cup.It's a new high-tech way to make friends...Facebook friends that is. Here's how the Buddy Cup works: each specially designed cup has a microchip that instantly makes you Facebook friends with anyone you TAP glasses with. The cups have a QR code on the bottom that you use your smartphone to link your Facebook account first. After that, it's up to you to mingle and clink your cup for connections.

According to ABC News the cup is being tested in Brazil at the moment and hopes to bring the Buddy Cup to the states soon.

Would you be open to the Buddy Cup if you were able to connect to Facebook friends just by tapping your glass? I think there is somewhat of a creep factor to all this. Say you had a little bit too much to drink at the bar and you start to toast everyone around you. Can you imagine all the creepy people you just gave access to your Facebook? Have we gone too far with this social networking thing? It's worth giving some thought to anyway.

Take a look.