I saw this 2013 Super Bowl ad and there was only one name I could think of for the baby Clydesdale... "CLETUS".

The Budweiser Super Bowl commercials with the Clydesdale horses have always been my favorites. This one for 2013 I think is my most favorite of all.

The man raises the Clydesdale to fulfill his destiny as one of the Budweiser Wagon horses, but the love and brotherhood of the connection that the two shared could not be broken.

At the end of the commercial are instructions on how you can share your idea for a name for the baby Clydesdale...

Now, having lost my best good friend recently and seeing the love shared between these two really hit a nerve with me, and the sweetest name I could think of in the whole wide world, is "Cletus".

I know it's selfish of me to ask, but I would appreciate if you would Tweet the name "Cletus" to @budweiser with the hash-tag #clydesdales.

I would really appreciate it, and I bet "Cletus the Clydesdale" would appreciate it too.