When I was a kid I had my share of playing with LEGOS  then I watched my kids and grandkids do the same. After all, it seems that LEGOS have been around for a long time, how about since 1949 to be exact.  Well. get ready because the BrickUniverse LEGO Convention is coming to Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday Oct. 27 at the Statehouse Convention Center located downtown.

The BrickUniverse Lego Comvention promises to bring professional LEGO artists from all around the world showcasing their LEGO artistry creations. In addition, The Fan Zone will feature LEGOS created and built by fan builders from around the world. This will also include some of Arkansas' best LEGO builders too.

Some other attractions include the Star Wars Zone where visitors can build spaceships and more with thousands of different theme bricks. See massive life-size sculptures, Santa's workshop, art on the block gallery and much more.

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Whether your a kid or and an adult there is something for everyone at this convention.

Tickets to BrickUniverse Lego Convention are $15 and available online at their website or Facebook page.

Scheduled Times

Saturday: 10AM-1PM and 2PM-5PM

Sunday: 10AM-1PM and 2PM-5PM

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