Do You Know Where You Can Dig for Fossils?
Arkansas is known for its diamond mine where you can dig for diamonds but did you know that in Mineral Wells Texas you can dig for ancient fossils? Mineral Wells Fossil Park is the perfect family fun adventure for this Spring or Summer.
Road Work Picks Back up This Week Across the Region
What a difference a week makes, last week we were dealing with record-low temps and snow, and this week a total warmup in the making. And with that being said, road work that was delayed because of hazardous driving conditions will pick back up this week in our region.
Stay in a Luxurious Cave in Arkansas Featured on Netflix
Batman has his cave, lots of guys have their man cave and Arkansas has its own underground cave you can rent out to stay for a weekend getaway. The Beckham Cave is one of the most unique places in the world and has been featured in a Netflix documentary and several national publications.
Found Another Gem on AirBnB For A Boys Weekend
Where has this AirBnB thing been all my life, well, to be honest, it wasn't invented yet for most of it, but it's here now and you should take advantage of it. We did, for a guys weekend on the Little River just a little south of the Lake Greeson Dam.
Valentine's Weekend Take Her on an Arkansas Wine Tour
Valentine's Day is on the weekend this year and things could be a little more subdued with the ongoing pandemic. However, there are plenty of things you can still do with your significant other to help celebrate the occasion. For example, Have you ever been on an Arkansas Wine Tour?
A Perfect Valentine Getaway Just 90 Minutes From Texarkana
Hot Springs Arkansas has always been my favorite place to visit for a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation. Having lived there for almost 11 years I discovered so many things to see and do. And with Valentine's Day fast approaching, I have found the perfect little piece of heaven nestled in …
Texarkana UFO's? Latest UFO Updates!
Houston, we have a problem... Pentagon, we have a problem, World, we still have a problem. Everyone knows that there's much more to the UFO phenomenon than the Government is willing to admit, the problem is what and why? Over 60% of us believe that UFOs are real so when will the Government let …

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