Arkansas is a beautiful state, they call it the Natural State for a reason. One of the great things to see in Arkansas, especially in the summer, is the beautiful waterfalls.

There are a ton of waterfalls in Arkansas that you can check out, but there is only one waterfall in Arkansas that made the 'Most Gorgeous Waterfalls in The US' list.

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MSN took a look at waterfalls in all 50 states and came up with a list of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the country. Which waterfall do you think was the top choice in Arkansas? What about Texas?

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Arkansas has around 200 waterfalls; some are easier to get to than others. You may have a short hike ahead of you or a long one, either way, it's always worth it.  Seeing the beauty and the feeling of a waterfall's calmness will bring you physical and mental relaxation.

In Texas the Waterfall that Made the Most Gorgeous Waterfalls in The US is

Hamilton Pool Preserve 


Last Camerai, YouTube

Located near Austin this has a natural swimming hole but be careful, the water is cold. Usually only around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

In Arkansas, The Waterfall Making the Most Gorgeous Waterfall in The U.S. List

   Cedar Falls


Here's what they said about Cedar Falls in Arkansas,

 Concealed within Petit Jean State Park, Cedar Falls impresses with its 95-foot drop into a scenic gorge. A picturesque trail via ancient forests leads to this spellbinding cascade, where the sound of rushing water and the splendor of an untouched environment envelops all who visit.


Have you ever been to Cedar Falls in Petit Jean State Park?  I have and it is truly a beautiful sight to see.

You can check out the videos below of Cedar Falls and Hamilton Pool Reserve.

Looking for more information on Arkansas Waterfalls? Read about 6 Arkansas Waterfalls that will take your breath away.

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