8 Fun Things You Can do in The Snow Besides Build a Snowman
So, Texarkana finally got some snow not a light dusting but a real snowfall. Many reports are saying we received anywhere between 6-8 inches depending on where you live. Now it's time for kids to have a little fun. Did you know there are several other snow activities that you can do besides bui…
Stay in a Luxurious Cave in Arkansas Featured on Netflix
Batman has his cave, lots of guys have their man cave and Arkansas has its own underground cave you can rent out to stay for a weekend getaway. The Beckham Cave is one of the most unique places in the world and has been featured in a Netflix documentary and several national publications.
Valentine's Weekend Take Her on an Arkansas Wine Tour
Valentine's Day is on the weekend this year and things could be a little more subdued with the ongoing pandemic. However, there are plenty of things you can still do with your significant other to help celebrate the occasion. For example, Have you ever been on an Arkansas Wine Tour?
Changes Coming to Arkansas License Plates in a Few Months
The other day I was driving down the road when I noticed an Arkansas license plate that had a Z at the beginning of the combination of numbers and letters. What I am saying is if you haven't heard Arkansas is running out of its current combination of numbers and letters on license plates that&a…

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