We will all be glad when the construction on I-30 westbound at the US59 exit is finally finished, knowing just how dangerous that exit is. Tonight, TxDOT will be shutting down one outside lane at this exit to try and repair the damage (again) done by multiple accidents there.

All it takes is one moment of inattention to absolutely ruin your day at this interchange of I-30 westbound in Texarkana, as multiple 18-wheeler wrecks have proven time and time again.

Tonight, April 24, starting at 8 PM, crews will be performing repairs at the westbound I-30/I-369/US 59 interchange. This nighttime work requires closing the outside lane of I-30 from between Summerhill Road and Cowhorn Creek to between University Avenue and Kings Highway. The I-30 west to I-369S/US 59S ramp will be closed.

Westbound traffic wishing to take the I-369S/US 59S exit can continue to Exit 219/University Avenue, grab the U-turn there on the bridge to the eastbound frontage road to the I-369S/US 59S entrance ramp. The westbound frontage road will remain open.

The work scheduled is supposed to be completed in one night, however, inclement weather or other unforeseen issues could cause delays or changes in the work schedule.

Motorists can check traffic updates by visiting drivetexas.org. TxDOT encourages motorists to slow down and devote all of their attention to the safe operation of their vehicles.

I-30 WB Exit to Hwy 59 - Google Maps
I-30 WB Exit to Hwy 59 - Google Maps

TxDOT’s “Be Safe. Drive Smart.” campaign offers five tips for safely navigating work zones:

  1. Slow down. Follow the posted speed limit and proactively adjust your driving to match road conditions. Excessive speed is one of the leading causes of work zone crashes.
  2. Pay attention. Avoid distractions, keep your mind on the road and put your phone away.
  3. Watch out for road crews. Roadside workers want to get home safely, too. Always follow instructions and be mindful of construction area road signs.
  4. Don’t tailgate. Give yourself room to stop in a hurry, should traffic stop suddenly. Rear-end collisions are the most common type of work zone crashes.
  5. Allow extra time. Road construction can slow things down. Count on it, and plan for it.

TxDOT’s “Be Safe. Drive Smart.” campaign is a key component of #EndTheStreakTX, a broader social media and word-of-mouth effort that encourages drivers to make safer choices while behind the wheel to help end the streak of daily deaths. It has been over 23 years since Nov. 7, 2000, that was the last deathless day on Texas roadways.

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