Do you donate blood? LifeShare Blood Center is in desperate need of Type O blood.The most critical is Type O negative! If that's your blood type then you know how special you are! You're a universal donor and hospitals love you!

Blood donations are low this time of year (and in the summer months too)  because everybody is busy with the holiday season. If you have never donated blood before it is easy and safe! Even if you're not sure what blood type you are, stop by LifeShare on College Drive and donate! They will type your blood and then you'll know what blood type you are and it's ALWAYS a good thing to know!

I used to be terrified of donating so I decided about 20 years ago to conquer my fear and donate! I found out my blood type AB negative, is actually pretty rare. So, I don't get called much, but I did get a special phone call a few years ago. I was on the air and the blood bank called me to say they really needed me A.S.A.P. There had been a small plane that crashed close to Valliant, Oklahoma and one of the survivors needed my blood type!

There was a shortage of AB negative at the Valliant area blood bank so they called the Texarkana blood bank. I went and donated! How amazing that I could directly help someone just by donating my blood!  Of course, ever since then I've become a big believer in donating blood. You truly are helping someone in need!

You can call LifeShare Blood Center in Texarkana at 903-794-3173 or like them on Facebook!
LifeShare Blood Center is located at 1321 College Drive.

They are open 8:00am-4:00pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday
and 10:00am-5:30pm Tuesday and Thursday
8:00am-1:00pm Saturday

If you want to donate blood you must be 16 years or older and meet certain height and weight requirements, is in good health, and meets donation eligibility requirements may give blood. If you're 16 years of age, you will need signed permission from a parent or guardian.

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