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What is ‘Maskne’ And How to Avoid it
We've learned a lot of new words and routines with the coronavirus. From 'Social Distancing' to  'uptick' to even dusting off the old sewing machine to sew masks. Well, now there's something else to worry about  "Maskne".
Local Blood Donors Needed Due to Hurricane Laura
If you can donate blood then now is the time to step up to the plate. With the potential of bad weather from Hurricane Laura, several LifeShare Centers to the south of us have closed. That means we and our neighbors to the south of us could have a critically low blood supply.
FDA: 9 Toxic Hand Sanitizers - May Cause Blindness, Even Death
The FDA just released a warning on 9 extremely toxic hand sanitizers, and the symptoms are serious. Please make sure you do not have any of these hand sanitizers as they could cause serious side effects including death. Please be careful. These need to be disposed of in hazardous waste containers. D…

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