Global Oddities

Chased By A Bear And Didn't Know It - Real or Fake?
Have you ever felt lucky? I mean really lucky? The kind of luck this young lady apparently had while skiing alone in a snow storm with her ears covered by headphones while listening to Rihanna and narrowly escaping a bear about to eat you? That kind of lucky?
Japanese Women Are Having Feelings For a Gorilla At The Zoo!
RocketNews24 reports that Japanese women are having feelings for a gorilla at the zoo! Yes, as gorillas go, he's a looker, but ladies can we try to keep things in perspective here. Luckily, no one has tried to crawl in the cage with him yet. Give it time.
Have you ever looked in the fridge …
I Swear There Was A Baby In There When I Left The House!
Chinese woman upset her husband would not buy her a new purse threw herself into a lake saying she would drown herself if he didn't buy the purse. Authorities asked the man to go into the lake and try to retrieve his wife, instead he tried to drown her himself!
An Alabama teen killed six of his mothe…

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