There are things we know and many things we don't know. Usually, when someone mentions the "Chicken Dance" to you, you most likely have a pretty good idea exactly what dance they're talking about, right?

Today, things are about to take a weird, possibly drastic turn in your false "Chicken Dance" reality.

We're not going to make any guesses about where this video originates or what kind of celebration is happening here. I will say they have a nice stack of speakers behind this guy, but that is where any speculation on my part will stop.

Todays Takeaways:

  • Just because you can, does not mean you should.
  • There are cameras everywhere and they are always recording.

The good news is, we have stupid criminals, dumb decision makers and even crazy chicken dances, every weekday morning at 6:45 and 8:45, we call them "Global Oddities".  Can't wait for you to hear the next one on Kicker 102.5.

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