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She Named My Snoring - Jim Weaver Shares Too Much
Seriously, I know I'm overweight, I also know that if I lost that weight the snoring problem might just cure itself. But let's be real, this belly took a long time to get here, it's not going away quickly, and when it's gone that may not necessarily take care of the problem. So, …
The Stuff the Bus Campaign Needs Your Dollars
Jim & Lisa had Jennifer Lewis on this morning to tell us about the Stuff the Bus Campaign this year. The big difference this year is COVID-19 of course, it has changed the way we do so many things and Stuff the Bus is no different.
Texas State Prop 4 - Vote 'YES' for No Income Tax in Texas
I don't usually tell people how to vote, normally I just let people know how I feel about political subjects and leanings. However, in this case, I am a resident of the Great State of Texas and I don't ever want to have my income taxed in this State. If you feel the same as I do and you≈…
Candy You Never Want to Get in Your Halloween Bag Again?
What a great response on last week's "Tell us Tuesday" Facebook question, thank you to all who chimed in. Below you'll find the results of our unscientific survey. The question was; What candy would you be happy if you never got it in your Halloween treat bag ever ag…
What Candy would you Crush?
This silly little fun "what-if" survey popped up yester and caught our eye as maybe a good question for "Tell Us Tuesday," turned out to be a great one, and it's still going.
The Talent Search Is On!
The 2019 Four States Fair is set for September 13 - 22, that means it's time to start searching for talented youth for the Stars Youth Talent Show!
Who was/is your favorite teacher?
Tuesday, this week, May 7, was National Teacher Day and I don't care who you are, everyone has a favorite teacher. So, we asked the question on Facebook yesterday: Who Is/Was your favorite teacher? We got some terrific responses:
Boat, Sport and RV Show
It's that time of year again, time for the State Fair of Louisiana Boat, Sport and RV Show in Shreveport/Bossier, this weekend, January 18 - 20 at the Louisiana State Fair Grounds.

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