What a great response on last week's "Tell us Tuesday" Facebook question, thank you to all who chimed in. Below you'll find the results of our unscientific survey. The question was; What candy would you be happy if you never got it in your Halloween treat bag ever again?

First, let's start with my answer, I hate licorice. BLIK! In no shape, fashion or form, strings, twists, doesn't matter, in fact, it's the one jelly bean I will avoid or spit out if I accidentally chew it. Just nasty.

Lisa says, "those rectangle-shaped candies with strips... they were supposed to be peanut butter but Yuck. I hated the peanut butter taffies too but I kinda like those now."

We got around 100 answers so here comes the official, unofficial results:

  1. Candy Corn 23%
  2. Licorice 18%
  3. Smarties/Dots 11%
  4. Tootsie Rolls 6%
  5. Peanut Butter Taffy Chews 5%
Facebook screencap 2
Facebook screencap 3