Those weird, crazy, goofy, silly, gift ideas, ripped right from today's internet, in the far back pages of course…

Let's Start At The Bottom:

Chicken Leg Socks - Amazon
Chicken Leg Socks - Amazon

Chicken Leg Socks

If you have ever been accused of having "bird legs," don't take offense, go on the offensive with your very own pair of Chicken Legs Socks. Remember, they're laughing WITH you.

$11.99 a pair

The Mostly Practical Gift:

Hot Seat - Pop Design / Amazon
Hot Seat - Pop Design / Amazon

Heated Camp Chair with Pockets 

My first thought was why didn't someone think of this sooner? What a brilliant idea, integrating heating elements into a camp chair, wish I had thought of it. Then I saw the price... Includes a travel bag, pockets, cup holders, and armrests. Butt-warming batteries are not included. The price seems a bit high, but maybe not so unreasonable considering what it offers, a warm tushy on a cold campout.


Cute Idea:

Cat Bed Cave Christmas Tree - LittleShopOfWonders0 Etsy
Cat Bed Cave Christmas Tree - cedigitaldownload Etsy

Christmas Tree Cat Bed

Lisa and I both have cats in our families and what could be cuter than letting your sweet kitty get all snuggled up in a Christmas Tree Cat Bed. SMDH


Because It's Funny:

Puking Cat Gravy Boat - Amazon
Puking Cat Gravy Boat - Amazon

Puking Cat Gravy Boat

Looking for new ways to gross out, I mean, liven up the conversation at your next family gathering? How about a good old puking cat gravy boat! Cause, why not...


Love This!

Die Hard Nakatomi Advent Calendar - Etsy
Die Hard Hans Gruber Advent Calendar - LeatherHead Laser Work / Etsy

Die Hard Advent Calendar

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times “it ain’t Christmas until Hans Gruber falls off Nakatomi Plaza”… Here’s a new way to usher in the Holidays, I know, it's ain't right, but it's funny!



Totally impractical but Incredibly Cool Gift of the year:

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair - Amazon
Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair - Amazon

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

I'm a big guy, but I think even I could find a comfortable position in this monster bean bag chair from Chill Sack on Amazon. It's a bit pricey but it looks awesome.


The Grossest Gift Idea of the Year?

Hairy Guy Swimsuit - uideazone Amazon
Hairy Guy Swimsuit - uideazone / Amazon

The Hairy Guy One-Piece Swimsuit

Just in time for winter! God bless you ladies, you live how you wanna live, but… Ewwwwww! They come in a wide variety of styles to make everyone at the beach or pool lose their lunch. This Monokini Swimwear is found on Amazon.


2022 Gift of the Year!

Krapp Strapp - Air Boss Motion Decoys
Krapp Strapp - Air Boss Motion Decoys

The Krapp Strapp 

The perfect gift idea for the hunter or backpack camper in your life. There is that one thing that everyone needs to do in the woods, even bears, that nobody wants to really talk about, the deep woods poop.

The position is everything when trying to hover over that "special spot," I can't tell you how well this idea works, or how much practice it might take, but the concept is sound. All I can say is, good luck. From


That's it for this year, Merry Christmas to one and all from Jim & Lisa, your Wakeup Crew on Kicker 102.5 and all of us at Townsquare Media - Texarkana.

Jim N Lisa - Kicker 102-5
Jim N Lisa - Kicker 102-5

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