You may have heard me griping this morning (Tuesday) about the fact that a well-known gas station/convenience store chain in our area has changed the way they serve breakfast. In other words, I can't get what I want anymore which irks me to no end.

They used to have an ala cart system where it was already cooked and you could pick and choose what you wanted. They stick it in a box, you give them money and go eat, everybody is happy.  I always got scrambled eggs and bacon, less than $3, pretty tasty breakfast and very affordable.

All of a sudden this morning, the ala cart system is gone... GONE! Replaced by a pre-made stinking SAMMICH THAT I DON'T WANT, and it's more expensive!

Oh, and I am not the only one cheesed about this, there were several guys that came in about the same time as me each morning getting the same kind of order, I guess they're trying to cut back on bread too. My guess is they are not happy about this either.

OK, enough of my complaining, obviously this company is free to do whatever they want if they think it's in their best interest and bottom line. The problem is, I still want what I want. And if I'm stuck having to buy a sandwich, I sure as heck ain't gonna drive two miles out of my way to get it. There are ten places between my house and the radio station that have breakfast sandwiches. The problem is I still do not want a sandwich. I want eggs and bacon.

Now I have to figure out a new place to get the breakfast that I like. Plus, I bet there are many more folks like me trying to eat better that would love to know the same information.

Yes, I could go to a Denny's or Waffle House but the price would be a little more plus a tip, and I would have to get up earlier and that ain't gonna happen.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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