Save the date! And no...I'm not talking about a wedding. I'm talking about country music singer Collin Raye returning to Texarkana for a benefit concert!

When you ask? It is going to be Thursday October 3. Where you may wonder? Well, it will be at the Sullivan Performing Arts Center at Texas High School!

Now why is this benefit concert going to be there? It is because Collin Raye graduated from Texas High himself!

The concert is benefiting the Blessed Chair Foundation, Runnin' WJ Ranch and Opportunities Inc. 

The Blessed Chair Foundation is one that Collin Raye himself actually started in honor of his granddaughter who passed away at nine due to an undiagnosed neurological disorder. The foundation is for all children who suffer the same issues.

Even though the information may be scarce, you definitely don't want to miss this Texarkana alumn's benefit concert!

And if you don't know who he really is, you should do your research. Or, you know, just watch the video I attached below of one of my favorite Collin Raye songs.