At today's 'Breaking Bad' panel at Comic-Con 2013, showrunner Vince Gilligan and the cast debuted some footage from the upcoming final season premiere, and while we don't have that to show you, we do have another video they showed at the panel -- a new trailer that takes you through the previous seasons with some of the most memorable moments, all leading up to the season 5 premiere on August 11.

We simply cannot wait to see what the remaining eight episodes of season 5 of 'Breaking Bad' have in store for us when AMC premieres the final season stretch on August 11, but until then, you can get excited for the last episodes by watching the above video.

The trailer (of sorts) takes us back to the earlier seasons, from Walt's first foray into the world of cooking and selling meth in order to squirrel money away for his family after he's diagnosed with cancer, to Walt's full transformation into "the one who knocks," telling Skyler, "I am not in danger -- I am the danger!"

And we'll get to see where danger goes in August when the final season begins. As we saw at the end of last season, Hank came to the realization that Walt is the great Heisenberg meth-cooker he's been looking for all along -- might he finally catch him?

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