Okay, Easter is this weekend and one of my favorite memories as a kid was getting the Easter basket. It was always filled with my favorite candy, including a chocolate Easter bunny. You know what I'm talking about -  the one that is hollow inside. Oh, and you have to have one of those Cadbury creme-filled eggs.I have to share this story with you. I don't know how you received your Easter basket but my parents always had a unique way of doing things. They would wake me and my brother up early on Easter Sunday and tell us to go to the back porch because the Easter bunny left us something. After tripping over myself to get to the back porch there it was a huge basket wrapped in colorful cellophane. That was just the start of a great day because we then had to get ready to go to church and afterward we had a family dinner, took pictures and hid Easter eggs around the yard. Not to worry though, because if we didn't find all the eggs the squirrels and bunny rabbits certainly would.

I remember one year our church had a Easter egg hunt and I found the golden prize egg. Boy was I excited! My cousins use to come visit us during Easter time and they used to have a basket full of eggs that were filled with paper confetti and when I wasn't looking they would crack one over my head the fun part was you didn't know which one had the confetti in it. Cascarones is a Mexican tradition of smashing an egg filled with colorful confetti on someone you love.

Here's a YouTube video on how to make one.

Did you know that you can now buy Angry Birds Easter Eggs?

So no matter how you decide to spend your Easter I hope that you and your family have a blessed Easter Holiday and a joyous one.