By now everyone knows that Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY for the death of her her 2 year old daughter Caylee. Leading up to the shocking verdict it reminded of the O.J. Simpson trial when everyone at work was gathered around the TV to see what the final verdict would be.The reaction to the verdict handed down in the Orlando courtroom was one of disbelief, disgust, and shocking to the crowd gathered outside the courtroom. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and country stars LeeAnn Rimes and John Rich tweeted their shock over the outcome.

LeAnnRimes: “Shocking this trial!”

JohnRich: “I'm sitting with my 18 month old son and can't FATHOM how ppl can ‘celebrate’ in court when a baby was killed.ANIMALS.”

JayDeMarcus: “Well... Casey Anthony seems like a job for Dexter now....”

KimKardashian: “WHAT!!!!???!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!! I am speechless!!!”

Casey Anthony could serve some jail time for lying to the police and giving false information to authorities. But there's also a good chance she could set be free since she has already done some time.

Do you think Casey Anthony should be set free or do some more jail time?