Well, that didn't take long...

Less than 24 hours after the Cowboys announce that Jason Garrett is no longer the coach of the Cowboys the announcement comes down from on-high the new coach will be the former head coach of the Green Bay Packers Mike McCarthy.

From all reports, the Cowboys management had a meeting with McCarthy on Saturday and it went so well they asked him to stay over an extra day and he did. Then it's bammo! The announcement today. I guess the meeting went very well indeed.

McCarthy was with the Packers for 13 years, during that time 125-77-2, won't he NFC North title 6 times and made the playoffs 9 times.

Make no mistake, McCarthy will be expected to perform immediately as he signs on to coach one of the (potentially) most talented offenses in the NFL today. Can he pull it off? Fingers crossed and ever hopeful for my Cowboys.


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