The new Bond movie "Skyfall" hits theaters today! Oh, how we love our James Bond! But seems one James Bond is tired of it. Daniel Craig.

He was interviewed recently in the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine and he says:

"I've been trying to get out of this [role] from the very moment I got into it, but they won't let me go. I've agreed to do a couple more, but let's see how this one does, because business is business and if the [expletive] goes down, I've got a contract that somebody will happily wipe their [expletive] with."

Well, that's not exactly the type of language I would expect from James Bond, but come on, Daniel! You make such a great Blond Bond!

Which of course brings to mind all the 007's before him. Who is your favorite James Bond. I have a feeling that Sean Connery will win this one, but I wonder what actor would come in second or even who would come in last? Sean is my favorite! Daniel Craig is my second fav! How about you?

via Cover Story Excerpt: Daniel Craig, the Man Behind James Bond | Movies News | Rolling Stone.