What's in a name? Apparently a lot!

Leave it to Canada to tell us what each state's name really means in the United States. Expedia Canada compiled a list of literal translations of places in Canada and the US. In a way, it gives us clear insight into the history of our country.

The history we may have forgotten throughout the years.

Some names are very descriptive like Alaska, which means "That Which the Sea Breaks Against." Others sound silly like Iowa, which means "This is the Place." Like those who first settled there thought, "well this is good enough." Or how about Montana, which means "Mountainous."

Do you know what Arkansas means?

It means "Land of the Downriver People." This is according to the book "50 Quick Face About Arkansas." Sounds like a book I need to add to my book list. Since our name originates from the same place as Kansas, we could also be "People of the South Wind."

Check out the other states on the map below. Did you know Texas means "Friend"?



The Literal Translation of Places in Canada & the United States,