Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the night in a store with all those goodies all around you and nothing but time? That's pretty much what happened in a Texarkana Walgreens Tuesday morning.

One would like to think that when you close your store and go home, nobody is left inside that might cause you to have a really long, exhausting day the next morning. Apparently, according to reports on the Texarkana Texas Police Department's Facebook Page, that's exactly what happened to Texas-side Walgreens employees Wednesday morning when they arrived to open the store, there was someone already inside.

The report states:

As they were about to unlock the front door, they noticed a woman in a robe walking around inside the store.

That was when the employees thought it would be a good idea to call 9-1-1.

First of the scene was TTPD Officer Jonathan Price just a few minutes later. it was then that 32-year-old Brooke Shimanek came walking out of the front door and continued down the sidewalk.

Brook Shimanek - TTPD
Brook Shimanek - TTPD

According to the report, Shimanek was wrapped in a blanket and carrying a backpack that was stuffed full of items from the store, allegedly. Officer Price questioned her at the scene as to why she was in the store while it was closed, she refused to answer his questions and tried to walk away twice. Shimanek was arrested. Upon inspection of the backpack, the Officer found all kinds of stuff belonging to Walgreens,  including wine, cigarettes, markers, notebooks, and chocolate. Store employees also discovered that Shimanek had taken a Sharpie marker and written all over the restroom walls.

Shimanek was charged with Burglary of a Building, booked into the Bi-State Jail, and scheduled to stand before a Judge this morning for bond to be set.

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