The Rondo Cemetery Could Use Your Help
I received a note from Melanie Cain, the new Secretary for the RCA, the Rondo Cemetery Association, a couple of days ago letting me know that the Rondo Cemetery is in need of some donations to get it trimmed up and looking good for summer. Your help is needed and matching funds are available.
Flag Day Is This Friday - Help Others and Get A Flag Too
Happy Flag Day 2019! You know this Friday is Flag Day right?
You see them all the time, US Flags lining the streets of Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas, have you ever wondered where they come from, who puts them out and picks them back up? Does it cost anything? Well, here are those answers and mor…
"Where Were The Sirens?" - Emergency Management Responds
There were Tornado Warnings issued last night (5/29) during the thunderstorms that rumbled through our area, and some were wondering how come we didn't hear any tornado warning sirens? Here's a statement from the City of Texarkana Emergency Management released through the Texarkana Texas F…

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