Vaccination Clinic At Southwest Center Today and Tomorrow
The Texarkana-Bowie Family Health Clinic is having a COVID-19 vaccination clinic for the Johnson & Johnson and Maderna vaccines today, Tuesday, April 13 from 2 - 5 PM at the Southwest Center. Moderna vaccines will be available Wednesday, April 14, also from 2 - 5 PM. Appointments recommended but…
Texarkana Area COVID-19 Numbers for April 9, 2021
In Bowie County, Texas DSHS reports a total of 4,679 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and 3 probable cases with 207 deaths. The Department of State Health Services is reporting 400 active cases currently in Bowie County and 6780 recoveries.
Bowie County Vaccinations - First Dose: 15159
Bowie County F…
Another UFO Disclosure Keeps Us Thirsty For More!
For crying out loud... just say it, say it already! There are beings from other planets visiting the Earth and it's been happening for decades and maybe much longer than that! Okay, that's what I want them to say, and they are getting closer...
Fuel Supplies Strained in Texarkana, AR
Director Joe Bennett from the Miller County Emergency Management office has sent out notification that fuel in the Texarkana area is very strained, some places are out already and it's time to start conserving.

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