Texarkana, AR won a dog park, why can't Texarkana, TX do it too?

It's that time of year again, Pet Safe is giving away $100,000 for a Dog Park and Texarkana, TX has stepped up and they want to win! I also saw where New Boston was nominated but I'm not sure if they are to the level of getting votes. (There are lots of steps that have to be taken first). If you know anything about New Boston doing this contest, let me know.

Here is what my Facebook friend, Brandy Moore, had to say about Texarkana, TX:

It's time for Texarkana, TX to win the $100,000 for the dog park. We did it last year for the Arkansas side. So, please VOTE EVERY DAY through May. The top cities will then go into the final rounds. Texarkana needs you to 1) VOTE and 2) SHARE THIS INFORMATION. Let's get this done for year 2. Vote here: http://www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark/city/17869/texarkana-tx/ And THEN it will say that you can vote again on facebook. So, click that link and cast a second vote."


Will you help Texarkana, TX win a Dog Park? I will. It's only a few seconds of my day to vote and share so why not? Good Luck Texarkana, TX!

Much love,