There seems to be some controversy about whether or not Texarkana, Texas should try to win $100,000 from PetSafe for their very own dog park. The controversy stems from...Texarkana, Arkansas winning the grant last year. Some people feel like our town doesn't need two dog parks. Um, Texarkana is pretty big and I think it could definitely benefit from two dog parks. Texarkana, Arkansas is in the works of building their dog park.They are projected to be done in August.

I am 100% behind Texarkana, Texas and their campaign to win $100,000 for their side. Just as I was behind Texarkana, Arkansas last year. I have been happily voting each and every day. It only takes a moment of my time and I feel like I am doing something to help our community.

Texarkana, Texas has hopes of putting their dog park at Spring Lake Park and naming it after Kylee Sullivan, a sweet angel that lost her life in the Albert Pike flooding. Kylee had a wonderful heart for animals and wanted to see every dog rescued and never euthanized. (Kylee pictured below)

Kylee Sullivan/Facebook

Dr. Brandy Moore, an assistant professor of Psychology at Texas A&M University-Texarkana is heading up the project.  She spoke to the Texarkana City Council last week about what the city must do for us to move forward in the contest.

As with anything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages.  I feel like the pro's outweigh the con's on this so I support Texarkana, Texas 100% in their campaign to win this grant from PetSafe.  We could use your support too. Please take a minute out of your day to vote.  You can vote twice each day, once on Facebook and once on the Petsafe website. I will include the links below. Thank you!

Click here to vote on PetSafe's website!

Click here to vote on Facebook!

Are you for or against the Kylee Sullivan Dog Park?

Much love,