Thank goodness, it's time to Fall Back this Saturday night when you go to bed. 

Time change weekend is upon us again and the universal debate rages on. You will need to turn your clocks back one hour when going to bed Saturday night as we return to Standard Time and once again end Daylight Saving Time. The time actually changes at 2 AM Sunday morning, however, most of us just turn back our clocks when we go to bed Saturday night.

Great news, this means you will get an extra hour of sleep. Or if you're young enough to still be a "party animal," you should get an extra hour at the adult beverage establishments Saturday night.

Following the return to Standard Time, it will get light an hour earlier in the mornings and dark an hour earlier in the evenings. So, kids waiting for the bus in the morning won't have to stand there in the dark. But you might be picking up your kid after band practice in the dark.

Daylight savings time will return in March of 2019.



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