I can't even read that headline without checking around me for snakes.

I've never been much of a snake person. Despite my countless encounters with them growing up in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of California, I have never been able to relax around them. They're unpredictable. Which is why this story creeps me out.

Someone dumped 40 snakes at a Walmart parking lot.

First, just let me say, that if my car were in the parking lot at the time, I would have just lit a match, torched the car and left it for the insurance company to figure out. I couldn't live my life wondering if there was a snake hiding somewhere in my car.

According to AOL, the snakes were nonvenomous, garden snakes and they were left at a Walmart in Paragould, Arkansas. There are no details at this time as to who left the ball of reptiles there.

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