Duane "Dog" Chapman says the fugitive hunts viewers see on Dog's Most Wanted may be his last for awhile. The 66-year-old admits he might not be able to go after bad guys, even if he could.

The former Dog the Bounty Hunter star's personal health issues are what's holding him back. More specifically, a pulmonary embolism diagnosis has gotten his attention to the point that he's make real changes in his life.

"I'm supposed to relax and not run down someone," Chapman tells People Now. "I probably couldn’t even because you can feel it."

Blood thinners are part of Chapman's treatment. Previously he said he would alter his diet and work on breaking his smoking habit, as well. As Season 1 of his show on WGN inches closer to a finish, he's consistently been out in front of cameras and on social media to support it. He tells the magazine he's feeling a little tired these days, but otherwise is doing alright.

Chapman was hospitalized with a heart emergency in September that turned out to be a pulmonary embolism. His life-threatening diagnosis came just three months after his wife Beth Chapman died, ending a years-long battle with cancer. Beth's final days are shown during this season of Dog's Most Wanted with each emotional milestone coming with viewers well-aware of how the story ends.

Last week on the show, the couple's son Garry went to prom, which was difficult for Beth Chapman to prepare for. "We’re just living each day as much as we can to the fullest,” she said. “And we’re just going to have fun and love each other and laugh all the day, and when it ends it ends."

The series has been teasing Beth's final hunt for several weeks. She died on June 26, 2019 in Hawaii.

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