Food Network set out to find the best pizza in each state. What did they find in Texas and Arkansas?

Recently Food Network's magazine took a trip across the country to find the best pizza. It must be an extremely difficult job for these guys to travel and eat pizza. That's a dream vacation for me, minus the calories. During this trip, they also crowned the best pizzas in each state.

West Crust Artisan Pizza Pies in Lubbock took gold in Texas.

They are known for their Hill Country pizza. It's a thin crust layered with mozzarella and feta cheese (interesting with its funk), turkey, bacon, red onion. They also add a surprise ingredient... glazed pecans! It's then cooked in a brick-fire oven. According to the magazine, many locals add jalapenos.

For Arkansas, Damgoode Pies in Fayetteville came in first.

Damgoode Pies serves up a mean pizza called the Stuffy Underdog. It's name almost describes what it is. Essentially a deep dish pizza, this baby is two layers of beef and cheese on a pizza crust. According to the magazine, after almost being axed from the menu due to poor sales, co-owner Jeff Trine added onions, olives and doused it with tomato sauce. Before the changes, the pizza was called the Mexicali. Yeah, I wouldn't have ordered it under that name either.

Is anyone else feeling hungry now?