Are Food Network's choices still the best?

I am a self-proclaimed Food Network junkie. This is one of the channels that will be on at my house pretty much 24/7. I'd like to think that I have learned a lot from the show, but I usually just enjoy drooling all over the dishes they're making. There's also some immense disappointment when I realize I can't make shrimp etouffee from the box of macaroni and cheese I have in my pantry. But before I can wallow in too much despair there's another show and another dish to gawk at.

It's a cycle I repeat on the daily.

A few year ago, Food Network put a list together of the best comfort food restaurants in Arkansas. They found four that they believe the rest of the country cannot live without when road tripping across the nation.

1. Whole Hog Cafe

2. Stickys Rock n Roll Chicken Shack

3. Jimmy's Serious Sandwiches

4. Bryce's Cafeteria

Look at Bryce's Cafeteria representing for Texarkana. You get 'em, Bryce!

So, do these places still measure up as the best joints to get your comfort food fix? Tell us in the comment section below. Are they missing a few? We want to know that too.