Do you find it difficult to know how to store food, including leftovers? Here are some handy food storage tips to keep your food fresher longer.

Love Food Hate Waste is an organization determined to help people reduce food waste by taking practical steps every day. For example, they recommend keeping carrots, peppers and apples in the bag they are packaged in from the store and shrink-wrapping a cucumber because it will keep three times longer than if you don’t.

Grocers are also doing things to make food preservation easier for us, including inserting a revolutionary strip inside produce packages that acts as a ethylene remover. Ethylene is the gas that makes fruit ripen.

The organization also tells you which types of containers and packaging are better for freezing. For example, cardboard doesn't preserve frozen foods as long as plastic, and if used, it shouldn't be used for long.

For more great suggestions, visit Love Food Hate Waste online, bookmark the site under your favorites and visit often to find new ways to save food and money!

Want another way to love your food and reduce waste? Turn leftovers into a brand new meal! See how chef Jacqueline O'Donnell teaches one family how to do this in the video below.