It may seem premature given his age, but I would love to have just one year in the NFL under my belt.

Yeah, I said it. I would love to have played in the NFL. That was one of my first career choices when I was a little girl... I wanted to play football. For many reasons that dream did not become a reality, but don't you ever say it's because I can't throw a perfect spiral. I, like many others out there, would have given anything to play just one season in the NFL.

That's why I don't knock Justin Forsett for retiring at the age of 31.

He had a chance to reach the ultimate level and got to experience it for nine years. A former standout at Grace Preparatory Academy in Arlington, Texas, Forsett went on to play at Cal before heading to the pros. He played for several teams and even spent time with three of them in his final season.

He made the announcement via Twitter, thankful for every moment he had on that field.

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