We just started the NFL's second week, but why not talk about the end of the season?

It's about a premature as guessing who will be playing in this year's Super Bowl, but there is a supposed shortlist of who will be headlining the halftime show. Of course, it's harder to schedule who will be performing. After all, the teams are all hoping and expecting to be in Atlanta on February 3. The musical artists, not so much.

So maybe it's not so premature after all.

The rumor mill is already churning out some big names. One site, Bops and Bangers (is this real life?) claims to have sources close to the NFL and the sources say there is already an NFL shortlist. The list contains pop, country, R & B, hip hop, and a blast from Super Bowls past.

On one side... P!nk, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. On the other sides is a big country "super-performance." That would include Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and Blake Shelton.

Personally, I want this year's show to be country. I want to shake things up a bit and it's been a minute since we've had a country super star on that stage. Luke Bryan is from Georgia... You know he'd put on a great show in his home state.

I also would want to see JLo. I mean, hello, she just won the Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards and performed a great montage of hits. Another likely candidate, in my opinion, would be Kelly Clarkson. She's about to embark on a tour in 2019 and this would be great promotional material for her. I'm sure her people are on it.

Or how about rock? The Rolling Stones are supposedly working on new music. This would be a great way to promote that. Aerosmith is hitting the road to celebrate 50 years of music in 2019 and kicking that off at the Super Bowl doesn't sound too shabby.

Who do you want to see?

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