We're surprised Frankie Ballard didn't get any nods this year, but he says he's got it figured out.

When the nominations came out for the ACM and CMA Awards, there was a name missing from both lists. It was Frankie Ballard. We know what he's capable of... We saw him live in Texarkana. We know his music... we hear his songs on the radio.

Why the snub?

According to The Boot, Frankie says it's all because of himself. In the words of Chris Stapleton, he's got nobody to blame but himself. But instead of letting it get to him, he is taking a different approach.

"I just always take that as, you gotta keep working harder. I just have to put my head down and do what I do best."

We know he's not a slacker. We've seen three number one singles out of him on the Country Airplay Chart and his album "Sunshine & Whiskey" was a top five at Billboard. We know what's he's capable of doing and we believe that soon the awards will follow. But for now, don't expect Frankie to just focus on bringing home some hardware.

"I [can't] worry about what's popular or what's happening, I just dial into what turns me on musically, what songs I like, what lyrics I want to say, and be honest to those."

It's that authenticity that we believe will make him have to take out a second mortgage to house all of his awards.